Sunday, February 06, 2022

A modest proposal.

"If you don't move your rig, we will tow it."

"HA! You don't have the tow truck that can move my rig."

"I didn't say we'd tow it in one piece."


MgS said...

I've been talking in terms of "drag the damn thing away, and if you happen to destroy the driveline in the process, *shrug*"

Anonymous said...

Given the lack of police support, I'm surprised Ottawa residents haven't started knifing tires and cutting air hoses.

chris said...

A fleet of dump trucks and a couple of big excavators would do it. Hard on the road surface but it wouldn't take long. Epic viral video!

Rev.Paperboy said...

how about "move your fucking truck or I am setting fire to it while you sleep tonight" Would that work? Maybe if it were spraypainted on the windshield it might produce some action.

MgS said...

A couple of additional thoughts:

Send a crew in with cutting torches. I'm pretty sure when one or two $250-$300K units is hauled away in a waste bin, the rest of these dumbf* truckers will move their trucks fairly fast. At the end of the day, these trucks are expensive assets that they use to make a living - and very few businesses can afford to throw away $250+K for a protest.