Thursday, February 17, 2022

Dear Parliamentarians: How to deal with heckling.

I have made this modest proposal before but, seeing as how the entire Conservative Party of Canada are a bunch of rude asshats, let me suggest a trivially simple way for the Liberals to deal with the incessant, childish heckling in the House of Commons.

Rather than constantly raising one's voice to override the heckling -- which does nothing but inspire louder heckling -- simply answer the question in a normal, conversational tone of voice, from beginning to end, then sit down. Naturally, the answer will be totally inaudible given the infinite assholishness of CPC MPs, but that's tough -- you answered the question and they chose to drown you out, so whose fault is that?

And if the speaker asks you to repeat your answer, refuse. You fulfilled your Parliamentary obligation, and if the speaker is such a useless prat that he can't get a grip on unruly members of Parliament, well, that's his problem and he needs to deal with it.

You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I like this idea!