Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The burning stupid.

This is the dumbass fucking imbecility up with which we are forced to put:

Honestly, Lorrie, can you and Rex Murphy just get a room already?

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Anonymous said...

Trudeau played it very well. The short period of effectiveness provided the authority for some fast, tough. effective inter-jurisdictional policing. Its revocation shows the Rebel-style shrieking up for the delusional paranoia it is. The truckers slunk away, roads are clear, mandates remain in place and will expire as scheduled, the strutting "hold the line" organizers have been humiliated and are whimpering in jail, conservatives scrambling to distance from the occupation, and the fed now have the info they need for a nice, deep investigation. Oh, I do hope the Rebel and the Democracy fund have a big bucket of vaseline ready for this probe...