Monday, February 21, 2022

Rebel News: The grift goes ever on.

As I am on Rebel News' begging bowl mailing list and the recipient of relentless fundraising screeds, it's amusing that the latest is related to how I am apparently losing my "freedoms" (despite having spent the weekend in Montreal, doing pretty much what I wanted).

The latest of Ezra Levant's 4,612 registered URLs would appear to be "", where you are invited to send Ezra $18.95:

Yeah, I'll pass.


Anonymous said...

So - you pay Ezra 20$ for a copy of government documents available free online??

CC said...

Um, yeah, pretty much.

Purple library guy said...

Well, freedom isn't free, you know! Apparently it costs $18.95.

Anonymous said...

A quick call to your local MP's office will get you a FREE laminated copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, oops, I mean Freedom Passport #3.

Freedom Passport #2 also seems a tad overpriced considering that the Canadian Bill of Rights was mostly superceded by the Charter.

Either way, Ezra's crew are in for a big surprise if they order the Canadian Freedom Passports. Neither of them contains a single mention of Freemen-on-the-Land, Sovereign Citizenship, or any of the other pseudolegal conspiracies they believe in. Ezra's going to regret this grift.