Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Going in the wrong direction.

It may amuse some to learn that, if one discounts the money seized from Lloydminster's Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross that went to pay long-outstanding cost awards, even after being relieved of some $9,000, Patrick now owes me more than he did when I registered my defamation judgment against him back in August of 2021. As difficult as it might be to wrap your head around that, if you do the math, that's the facts.

The first collection by Saskatchewan sheriffs netted some $6,400, which went entirely to pay off some cost awards that Patrick had been blithely ignoring all these years, plus letting the sheriffs collect their cut in the way of administrative fees, which means that not a penny of that went to the outstanding amount for the judgment itself:

Since then, the sheriffs have collected another $2,500 or so but, if you run the numbers, given that the outstanding judgment amount is increasing by 5 per cent per year, that $2,500 does not quite cover the interest that has accrued since last August. In short -- and take a moment to truly appreciate this -- despite Patrick's bank account having been lightened by almost $9,000 recently, he actually owes me more with respect to the outstanding judgment amount now than he did before.

At this point, it is fair to say that Patrick is never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to get out from under this. So he might want to get comfortable living in his car. Since it's a Ford Escape, I'm sure the seats recline.

P.S. I'm still moderately interested in tracking down the meatspace co-ordinates of Baron von Loadenhosen (particularly his place of employment), but it's not critical given that the Saskatchewan sheriffs have Patrick's bank account info I gave them, and they will stop by on a regular basis and clean it out for me.

What Patrick needs to worry about is the long game here since, over time, it is simply not sustainable for him to have his bank account emptied every month or two, and it's even less sustainable given that Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy would really like to have a chat with him, and his idiotic million dollar defamation lawsuit against Peter Skinner will assuredly be kicked to the curb, at which time Peter will be awarded costs, and Patrick will have someone looking to collect from him from another direction and, eventually, if he files his income tax and expects a refund, I can assure you he won't be seeing it as the OSB will step in and garnish it for my benefit.

So Patrick is welcome to keep running, and refusing to answer his phone, and refusing to reply to e-mails, and refusing to acknowledge registered letters sent to his Lloydminster address but, eventually, he will need to surface, and when he does, there will be a number of very unhappy people with court orders waiting for him. And if he thinks his life is uncomfortable now, well, he has no idea.


RossOwesDay said...

It's going to be interesting to see if Twatrick lets another paycheque hit his Servus Credit Union account. Or if he continues to work in Grande Prairie knowing every dime of his sweat-soaked wages goes to you.

Of course, such evasion would only kick the can of Twatsy's profound legal/financial problems down the road. But, as you wisely observed, the Twatster is all about myopic short-term "victories."

CC said...

It is entirely possible for Patrick to keep dodging and weaving and hiding for month after month but, as I suggested, that is simply not a sustainable lifestyle. More to the point, without coming forward and providing a proper address for legal service, he is completely prevented from filing any legal actions. I'm not sure how Patrick thinks this is going to end, but he has never been very good at taking the long view.

MgS said...

A couple of thoughts: I don't doubt that by now he's opened up a couple of other accounts elsewhere, having had the current account drained. (I don't imagine it's terribly hard to do - he still can give his father's address in Lloydminster as a fixed home address)

Second, if his goal in his various lawsuits is basically to harass the other party and waste their time and energy, it seems quite probable that he'll do so as long as possible (e.g. by doing things like turning up at court late, and giving a sob story about how hard his life is, etc.) Unfortunately, because the legal system tends to work on the basis of taking people at their word when they say they are working to resolve things, it ultimately ends up delaying the processing of motions to dismiss and so on.

My third thought is that he may well have bounced out of GP area by now. If the work he was doing is seasonal, he may have to move on just to have any income at all. On a related note, one might want to ask the sheriffs to check in with the income support people in SK, AB, and BC ... if he's a seasonal worker mostly operating under the table, he might be hoovering down income support $ (although in AB, that's not enough to pay more than the rent on a basement bedroom)

CC said...

MgS: Mostly good points that would apply to a majority of people, but not to Patrick.

First, while the court likes to accommodate the self-represented, Patrick *long* ago burned off any good will he might have asked for. He has years of bad behaviour to account for, and I can assure you the court has had its fill of Patrick.

And second, as I said, one can fuck around and play games up to a point but, eventually, things need to be resolved. Patrick is single-mindedly obsessed with short-term, "blar har har, you're so stupid!" victories, with no mind to how this will eventually play out over the long haul.

I, on the other hand, having put up with his shit for over a decade, am more than happy to let him slowly hang himself at this point. And when the reckoning arrives for Patrick, it is going to arrive hard and expensively.

MgS said...

Patrick is certainly a legend in his own mind. (and he really does not understand the legal constructs involved in the EMA - he keeps making that painfully clear when I bother to look at his twitter feed)

Whatever he's doing, it's going to make a large splattery mess when it does hit reality.

CC said...

MgS: I suspect you're starting to understand why Patrick currently owes me $105,000. Having him represent himself is the greatest gift he ever gave me.

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed his argument that the occurrence of the phrase "free assembly" in the Charter meant that no demonstration anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances could be illegal.
That really is evidence of truly epic ignorance or stubbornness, or possibly both. That was a hilarious thread.