Sunday, February 06, 2022



I await Ezra Levant's shrieking, spittle-flecked outrage over foreign funding interference in Canadian politics.

Any minute now, right?

BONUS TRACK: For full hilarity, here's Ezra Levant favourite and "Ethical Oil" airhead Kathryn Marshall, yammering on about the evil of foreign funding masters deep pockets. Or something.

That clip never stops being funny.


Tim said...

Hmm rich coming from an absolutely corrupt crook who will happily watch his citizens free out of their homes. Due to the competition for absolute worst politician, this dude often gets overlooked- he's bad, really bad.

Anonymous said...

Cons don't understand the definition of "hypocrisy".

Rev.Paperboy said...

If Ken Paxton ever sets foot in Canada he should be immediately arrested for funding terrorism. I don't care if it causes an international incident. When a foreign power is funding terrorists in your country, you are entitled to do something about it.