Thursday, February 24, 2022

So ... how's those trucker defenses going?

Given that, once again, Rebel News has raked in an assload of cash that will go exclusively to lawyers:

it behooves us to ask if anyone is tracking these legal cases, or if there is even the slightest transparency or accountability regarding all that dosh and where it's ending up.

Rumours are of several hundred thousand dollars piling up in that legal slush fund, so one wonders if any of that will be made public, or whether any truckers have already had their day in court, and how that worked out for them.


Anonymous said...

Given that this all constitutes active support for a criminal occupation, can we assume that the Rebel's intricate little ecosystem of mutual parasitism with the Democracy Fund will FINALLY get dragged from the cesspool and put under the microscope?

Anonymous said...

If paying for someone's lawyer amounted to active support for crime, there'd be an awful lot of parents, wives and gfs in jail.

The more important issue is what's Rebel's cut on these legal defense donations. If it were Trump, we'd know the answer - all of it. Is Ezra even slightly more ethical?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:12 - in your view, are parents, wives and GF's actively and publicly promoting the criminal behaviour while promising to shelter the criminal from legal consequences?

Anonymous said...

Paying for someone's criminal defense isn't sheltering them from legal consequences. Whether they have a lawyer or not, if the Crown proves beyond a reasonable doubt that someone committed a crime, they will face legal consequences.