Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The burning stupid.


P.S. This would be the same Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen who dismissed the severity of the violent and illegal occupation of Ottawa as ...

P.P.S. Amusingly, the Charter that Patrick is so fond of fellating also guarantees freedom of expression, but it does place certain limits on that freedom in the sense of not permitting libel, slander or malicious defamation. You think Patrick would understand the concept by now.


Anonymous said...

The way Twatsy opines, you know he's a legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

https://twitter.com/DragonFireIdeas/status/1495986862904725508?t=tNmwwQPADk4Hfq0GfjmorA&s=19 In which Twatsy STILL doesn't seem to understand how the Westminster system of Parliament actually works...smh