Monday, February 28, 2022

Dear truckers: How's that Rebel News crowdfunded legal defense going?

Let's recall how Rebel News' Ezra Levant raked in another $28.6 million to leap to the legal defense of any idiot truckers who were dumb enough to take his advice to continue breaking the law:

Ah, but it's always the nefarious fine print that's going to get you in the end since, as you can see from the above if you read carefully, Ezra very specifically restricts his financial largesse to those idiots who were involved exclusively in the Coutts, AB blockade, which means that -- if you interpret the above literally -- all of those morons who illegally occupied Ottawa (or the Ambassador Bridge for that matter) and got tickets and fines, and were arrested, and had their rigs seized and their trucking licenses cancelled are, well, shit out of luck.

So are there any truckers who are currently skulking home from Ottawa, laden with tickets and fines, who have submitted their bill to Rebel News? And are they willing to share the reply they got? And do they finally understand what the phrase "fine print" means?

I'm just asking.

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