Sunday, February 27, 2022

The burning stupid. P.S.: Send money.

 I have no words ...

Let me sum this up to save you the trouble of tracking it down and reading it in its mind-numbing, ignorant entirety: Rebel airhead Tamara Ugolini is outraged -- OUTRAGED!!! -- that long-term care homes are refusing to allow unvaccinated, virus-spewing plague rats free access to a building full of elderly, fragile and possibly immuno-compromised members of other peoples' family.

No, seriously, that's why she's angry. Send money.

JUXTAPOSE: The thigh-sucking hypocrisy here relates to Ugolini's own oil patch trailer trash Rebel colleague, Sheila Gunn Reid, only a few years ago, making it clear she was not a huge fan of allowing the unvaccinated in the vicinity of her undoubtedly hideous, malformed children:

It's amazing how your most strenuously-held principles sometimes just follow your paycheque.

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