Wednesday, February 23, 2022

I'm dying here.

At the moment, Lloydminster's village idiot and favourite undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross is lecturing others on how defamation law works:

I honestly don't know how this can get any funnier.

P.S. Is it worth pointing out that the lawsuit Patrick is referring to has nothing even remotely to do with defamation, so that anti-SLAPP legislation would be of no value? Lord, but that guy is thick. It's amazing he can even order a $21 hamburger without help.


Anonymous said...

How does he know that there was little harassment by the Trucknutters? Or that there were residents who were trying to provoke the Trucknutters? Wait...maybe we figured out where good ol' Patty Boy is! Maybe he was part of the Fuckers Brigade in Ottawa! I suspect he only escaped arrest because the police that finally did what they were paid to do were overwhelmed by Patty Boy's severe body odour, and that gave him enough of an opportunity to waddle away.

Ah, who am I kidding? In what world would even the Fuckers Brigade give the time of day to someone who's a bigger loser than even they are?

Brian Busby said...

"There's evidence of exceedingly little harassment..."

Three and four-syllable words strung together to mean nothing.

CC said...

BB: It's even funnier since that wording is meaningless nonsense ... one suspects Twatrick meant to write "There's exceedingly little evidence of harassment ..", but, after all, this is Twatrick we're talking about -- a man who will opine on how little he was affected by events happening several provinces away.

MgS said...

Apparently he thinks anti-SLAPP legislation applies to a lawsuit over events that actually happened and had a real impact on people.

Trying to apply anti-SLAPP legislation to a lawsuit arising out of an event that has (already) resulted in criminal charges? Good luck with that.

Patrick should open up his own alt-law practice - I'm sure the judges would all get a good belly laugh out of it ... the first time or two at least.