Thursday, March 11, 2010

Upbraided, I am.

Over at Maria "Dodo is a Retard" S's, one of Maria's new BFFs rushes to her side to comfort her emotionally:

Just soak in the irony.


Anonymous said...

You'd think that the fact that most, if not all, Conservatives blogger are deranged loons would given them a bad name in MSM.... All it seems to do is get them on board the National Post....

The Seer said...

I have started to comment more frequently on BT sites in hopes the National Post will pick me up.

wv: trumpti

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus...if it isn't the right wing loonies vilifying and defaming anyone who doesn't agree with them in the most hateful, murderous way possible, it's the fucking scolds wagging their fingers and clucking their tongues when someone responds in kind.

They're in fact worse than the loonies.

Shove it up yer hole, Lynn/DMorris.