Tuesday, March 02, 2010

At Alberta Ardvark's, the douchebagitude never ends.

Jesus, it's like that guy's an idiot magnet. Here's commenter "Enkidu," announcing his doucheitude to all and sundry (emphasis douchebaggily added):

Proroguing was necessary because without it, the Senate appointments he made would not affect the makeup of the Senate committees, and the Gliberals would continue to stall Conservative legislation. Now, when Parliament reconvenes, the Senate committees will be reformed to reflect the new balance of power in the Senate, and perhaps the Conservatives can start to move forward with their agenda, like Senate reform, and gun registration reform, and getting tough on crime, and all those things that are music to my ears and anathema to the left.

And then there's reality, by which I mean us.

And that's why you read Canadian Cynic -- because we're not retarded douchebags.

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