Thursday, September 03, 2009

Geez, Derek ... obsess much?

Against a backdrop of appropriately ominous music, Blogging Tory Derek Fildebrandt sets the stage:

Human Rights Commissars After Me

Oh, noez!!1!11! And it gets worse:

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have the KGB knock on your door, ask for directions to the corner store and walk away? The other morning I had what I imagine to be a similar experience when I received this (see below) envelope in the mail.

But wait! Derek finally assures us that it's all good, mysteriously irrelevant references to Jennifer Lynch notwithstanding:

After staring at it on my desk, wondering what the Lynch-mob had in store for me, I opened it only to find that it was an acknowledgement of an Access to Information Request. As they say, in “Soviet Russia, Lynch watches you.”

Tags: Human Rights Commission, Jenifer [sic] Lynch

Check back tomorrow when Derek reports on a gruesome, Muslim honour killing in Montreal, and how he's sure Jennifer Lynch had nothing to do with it, but you just never know, do you?


Southern Quebec said...

The guy is an idiot. He is showing the envelope with his full address on it. d'uh!

Ti-Guy said...

Well, that's just his work address, the Canadian Taxpayers Association, the affiliation to which he acknowledges on his blog.

Hey, taxwhiners? Stop wasting tax dollars with FOI requests that are not related to your mandate.

Fido said...

The government responds to his request and that's evidence of Soviet-style what? I mean I've heard plenty of stories about the Soviet Union while I was growing up during the Cold War but I never heard about how they were terrifyingly conscientious about customer service.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Fide wins internet, everyone go home now.

Lindsay Stewart said...

-e, +o