Monday, February 14, 2022

You keep using that word "unprecedented" ...

Perhaps the most maddening aspect of the inconceivably ineffective response to the "Freedumb Convoy" by Ottawa Police Services (OPS) is the idiotic suggestion by chief Peter Sloly that the OPS simply could not cope with such an "unprecedented" event. Now, it may well be that this was unprecedented, but it was in no way surprising in the least, in that everyone saw it coming.

By that, I mean that every sentient object in the country knew what was unfolding. Typically, when one starts hearing rumours of something like this, it's ascribed to "chatter" on social media, or something to that effect, at which time you would think law enforcement would swing into action and start collecting "intel," or whatever they call it these days. But that's not even remotely what happened here.

Turns out The Man did not have to work very hard to collect all that intel, given that the Clownvoy did not make the slightest attempt to hide what they were doing; rather, they blasted it all over social media, posting pics and route maps and schedules, and linking to fundraisers, and on and on and on. Days before the occupation of Ottawa, the OPS knew what was coming, regular citizens knew what was coming ... Christ, the misshapen blobs my cat leaves in her litter box knew what was coming, and yet ... and yet ... the OPS did absolutely nothing in the way of preparation.


Seriously, nothing.

Given days to get their ducks in a row, the OPS made not the most minimal of preparations, and simply let the big rigs roll up to the Hill, park, and make themselves comfortable ... day after day after day whereupon, once the city was overwhelmed, Sloly came out with the thigh-suckingly moronic position that, hey, this was "unprecedented" and there was nothing he could do. And yet, it was only unprecedented because Sloly allowed it to become that way.

Given days and days of advance notice, the OPS could have trivially prepared for this, and nipped it in the bud. Instead, they let the first Nazi into the bar. And that's all it took. And when this is over, heads need to roll.

"Um, metaphorically?"

"Yeah, sure, let's go with that."


chris said...

The after inaction report will be interesting. Assuming we ever get to see it of course.

MgS said...

Heads need to roll in policing across the country - it's very, very clear that policing has allowed one nazi wannabe too many to take up residence in their bar.

Anonymous said...

The Globe and Fail wins the "opinion piece that hasn't aged well" award for today.

Purple library guy said...

I've been proud of Vancouver. They came and did one day of protest, in which yahoos hung out on sidewalks and vehicles drove down the street obeying traffic laws, while cops watched. The mayor said very loudly "We don't like your kind here, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" and they meekly left and as far as I know did not come back.