Monday, February 14, 2022


Conservative Party of Canada: "It is totally unsurprising that the Prime Minister would be so timid and ineffectual in standing up to law-breaking troublemakers."

Also Conservative Party of Canada: "By invoking the Emergencies Act to stand up to law-breaking troublemakers, the Prime Minister has simply demonstrated his naked fascism and unbridled lust for power!"

Pick a lane, kids.


MgS said...

It was never about the mandates in the first place. That was just a distraction to get the rubes riled up about.

This is something far, far more dangerous if we don't deal with it directly and quickly. I fear that the govt response is already "a day late and a pound short".

Rev.Paperboy said...

the lone declared candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre "Weasleface" Poilievre has said he is "proud of the truckers" His opponents need to put that along with a photo of nazi truckers pooping on people's porches on every billboard in Carleton during the next election. I look forward to finding out how much money he donated to these terrorists