Friday, February 04, 2022

What does being "well-funded" have to do with anything?

Here's Ottawa deputy police chief Steve Bell:

Here, let me translate: "Normally, we'd enforce the law, but these guys have loads of cash so that's not an option."


Anonymous said...

I see a flaw in this thinking. I mean, the right is always going on and on about how well-funded the likes of "Antifa" and BLM are (you know, all that seemingly unlimited Soros money), but yet law enforcement never seems to have problems throwing hands, smoke bombs, etc. at them. Is this Bell guy trying to tell me that the right might be *gasps* wrong about this? And by wrong, I mean making shit up as usual?

*Tries to act shocked, but realizes he's not a good enough actor to pull that off*

Or...actually and/or...this Bell guy is lying his ass off. I mean, come enforcement has taken down gangs (not exactly known for lacking funds themselves) with far less resources than they're using on this "protest". Ending this "protest" should be a piece of cake in comparison, if they cared enough. They didn't get all those fancy military-surplus vehicles to sit at whatever police station(s) they're at to gather dust.

Rev.Paperboy said...

those fancy military surplus armoured cars are only to be used against grandmothers seeking justice for missing and murdered first nation's women and girls, or against those wicked enviromentalists who want to stop pipelines and such like