Friday, February 04, 2022

A wild and crazy idea.

Dear Ottawa Police Services:

If you're going to be this utterly useless, let me make a modest proposal: Announce that you are going to look the other way entirely for the next 72 hours and we, the residents of this city, will take it from there.



Anonymous said...

"Deputy chief Steve Bell said Friday their intelligence suggests 300 to 400 more trucks, 1,000 to 2,000 more protesters and up to 1,000 counter-protesters could come downtown for the weekend. He asked counter-protesters not to come."

So if you part the of the extreme right, come in, the police brethren welcomes you.
All others piss off.

Also bemusing to see Conservative dingbat, Candice Bergen, ask Trudeau extend an "Olive branch" to the extreme-right.
Again, strange times when the CPC are advocating for the extreme-right in Canada.
If only the Canadian press were not cheap stenographers and pointed that out.

CC said...

Anon: Here, let me translate Bell's pandering idiocy for you:

"We want to avoid any confrontation, so if the people who actually live in Ottawa could remain indoors and cower in fear while we hand over their city to a bunch of racist, Nazi fascists, that would be great, thanks."