Monday, February 14, 2022


No matter how many mandates you drop or rescind or cancel, the "Freedom Convoy" will not be mollified as they will simply move the goalposts yet again.

Let's watch.


Rev.Paperboy said...

clownvoy: "We demand all mandates be dropped!"

govt: "we are dropping the mandates at the end of the month"

clownvoy: "WE demand Justin Trudeau and Erin O'toole resign!"

govt: "Maybe the internet and radio in your truck isn't so reliable - O'Toole quit a week ago. And Justin Trudeau is...uh....packing, yeah, that's it, he's packing"

clownvoy: "And we all want ponies and ice cream for every meal and blowjobs from supermodels for all out patriotic heroes!"

govt: "Ok, we will try to work something out with Vogue and Baskin Robbins, but you have to clean up after the ponies yourself"

clownvoy: "Don't try to to oppress me! This is tyranny! Freedumb now!" (Truck air horn sounds in the background)

Anonymous said...

I mean, the mentality you bring up is evident in this clip from Global News today:

The relevant part starts at 1:10. Either it's not enough, not soon enough, or what they're told is being "twisted". You know, fake news and all. *Rolls eyes*

They've gladly taken credit for the mandates being dropped here in Manitoba as of March 15th (Thanks Heather "I'm somehow more incompetent than Brian Pallister" Stefanson!). Unsurprisingly, it's not enough for them to move from where they are, whether it's by the Legislative Building in Winnipeg, or the border crossing in Emerson. They won't settle for anything less than a pet dragon, five unicorns, and 12 perpetual motion machines, and even then...