Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your daily dining room table.

It's sorely tempting to start a whole new feature here at CC HQ -- in honour of Barney Frank's suggestion that trying to engage a complete idiot intellectually would be like trying to have a conversation with a dining room table, we set the stage thusly:

Mohammed is autistic. His mother took him to Somalia five years ago because doctors believed being around extended family could help him.

After leaving Mohammed in Somalia with his grandmother, his mother returned to Canada.

However, when she tried to bring him back to Canada three years ago, she was told the person travelling with her was not her son because he didn't look like his passport photo.

Got all that? Good. At which point, we check in on commenter "justsayno", who gets things mind-crushingly wrong as follows:

Great, another dual citizen coming out of the woodwork to collect thier [sic] anticipated windfall courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer.

When a mother leaves her autistic child behind for a three year period it just doesn't pass the smell test.

How many of you bleeding hearts would leave without your child ?

Whereupon one is tempted to point out to "justsayno" that:

* Five years minus three years is, in fact, two years and, yes, wankers really are as mathematically illiterate as you'd heard, and

* She left her son behind with his extended family based on the advice of his doctors.

This has been your "dining room table" moment.

BONUS TRACK: 39 per cent of Americans are dining room tables.


sooey said...

Canadian rightwingers are formica dining room tables then because they can see what kind of society Americans have splattered all over themselves - and yet they want Canadians to be covered in the same crap.

thebanana said...

You can't fix stupid.

Robert McClelland said...

How many of you bleeding hearts would leave without your child?

Snort, According to the article Mohammed is now 25, which means he would have been 20 when he was cruelly abandoned by his mother.

Backseat Blogger said...

ooooh. bright shiny facts. gotta love 'em.

that's one of the problems with blogging at the hip.... garbage in equals garbage out.

Ti-Guy said...

What are you talking about, Backseat?

sooey said...

Hm... that means I was abandoned by my mother, too.

Selfish bitch.

Backseat Blogger said...

tiguy. cc quoted facts at the beginning of the post. at the moment that appears to be what actually happened.

then cc quoted a doofus who had his facts all wrong but didn't let that come between and delivering his opinion.

that's what i meant about facts. if you don't have yr facts right you end up looking really stupid.

sooey said...

I think buddy spells it phaks.

Off topic, but - is there some Muslim law against not naming your son Mohammed?

Ti-Guy said...

"if you don't have yr facts right you end up looking really stupid."

That's a liberal delusion. No wonder the Conservatives consider you a heretic.

sooey said...

Or as Confuscious would say: "a ribelar derusion".

Heheh - it's racist Thursday at Sooey's house.

Unknown said...

actually, the article doesn't say when the mother left somalia for canada. found one that goes into more detail.


KEvron said...



Ti-Guy said...

Ha! Multiple Blogger accounts I see.

KEvron said...

actually, multiple youtube accounts, which carry over onto blogger. i created the "drkevron" account to bust some wingnut's chops after he'd blocked my regular account. at youtube, it comes up as "drkevron", but blogger software uses the first name for the account (i'm known as "nor vek" for the throw-away account).

i now await disingenuous accusations of sockpuppetry.