Monday, August 31, 2009

The burning, burning stupid.

Blogging Tory "Hunter" can't even get to within an order of magnitude of right:

Clinton came to town and cost Canadians 3 million dollars, but because he is a lefty, our MSM was all over him like Monica and a cigar.

Yeah ... because someone who typically charges around a $175,000 speaking fee and who drew some 12,000 paying attendees will, magically, cost us all $3 million. Honest to Christ, but is it even physically possible to be stupider than that?

P.S. Any careful and reasoned criticisms of Hunter's mathematical skills can and will be contemptuously dismissed if you accuse her of being an idiot at the same time. Apparently, incivility always trumps logic.

P.P.S. Someone should ask Stephen "Mr. Democracy" Taylor whether Canadian democracy is well-served when indescribable retards like "Hunter" are allowed to vote.

: I think it would be entertaining to ask Hunter, in her comments section, to defend her claim that Bill Clinton's speech cost Canadian taxpayers $3 million, then watch the frantic reinterpretation, followed by accusing any questioners of being stupid, lefty trolls and, besides, CC! Or something like that. Because you know you're not going to get anything sane.

And let me make an additional prediction: Not a single one of Hunter's adoring groupies will point out her obvious mathematical illiteracy. Not one. Come on -- who wants a piece of that action?


Ti-Guy said...

Someone should ask Stephen "Mr. Democracy" Taylor whether Canadian democracy is well-served when indescribable retards like "Hunter" are allowed to vote.

You can ask that question 'til your blue in the face. You'll never get an honest answer from any Tory, even though they know that democracy is not well served by this.

It's not her right to vote that's an issue in any case; It's how the Blogging Tories have made themselves immune to any challenge, even on trivial matters of fact like this.

And the mainstream media helps, of course. With The National Post featuring cretin after cretin, MacLean's providing Stephen Taylor with yet another venue to spew his propaganda and all them hosting user-generated commentary that only serves the purpose of giving ignorant people the feeling that their ignorant opinions are worth sharing and are shared by others, which only makes the rest of us feel we're surrounded by truly crazy people.

...which I'm starting to believe is the mainstream media's intention, at least that of the publishers.

Sparky said...

Wow, I just tried to post a comment at Hunters asking her to back up the 3 million dollar claim--moderated. And I tried to post a comment at Dodos earlier regarding her little happy party regarding Kennedy's death--moderated.
Utterly and unimaginably predictable.
The only person that allows unmodertated comments 'on that side' that I know of is Patrick, and I think he does that just so it looks like he gets some traffic.

CC said...

Except that commenting over at Twatsy's doesn't produce any actual dialogue, only Twatsy doing his, "OMFG, Jesus Christ, ROTFLMAO!!!!!", followed by his sock puppet Mahmood insulting everyone as CC-bots. It's just another form of moderation.

Bismark said...

It seems that "Hunter" has an almost comment free blog now that she's banned anyone interesting.

Just as well. It's nothing but an exercise in frustration trying to argue with that blockhead.

Southern Quebec said...

I leave a comment every day for Hunter. Never sees the light of day. The only comments that get posted are the ones that say, "Oh, Hunter, you said exactly what I was thinking!"

Last weeks 'funnies' were nothing but a bunch of racist crap.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the idea of a Monday morning blog post called "This Week's Round Up". What's to "round up" before the week even happened yet? Matters not because it's Hunterlicious!HA!

KEvron said...

"The only person that allows unmodertated comments 'on that side' that I know of is Patrick"

o rly?


Anonymous said...

"unmodertated" typo EVER and it reminds me of commercial/industrial style hash browns.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you leave a comment with the word hash browns over at Huntsy's she'll think it's a lefty curse word. Her mind is soiled that way.

Anonymous said...

lightly top soiled

Sparky said...

k, I didn't even see that until it was pointed out by 'youse guys'
Me thinks my comments need a little more spelling modertation

KEvron said...

no, not the typo (i failed to notice, too); upon sighting them, twats moderates my comments into oblivion.


Sparky said...

that's 'cause you're not nice to him, 'Kevvy'
Play nice and maybe he'll let you in...
Not that anyone wants to go in there willingly.

KEvron said...

it's not like i flooded his blog with comments (i don't comment on a wingnut post anymore than i comment on a post here), and i don't use any language he wouldn't use. i just know how to get under his sallow skin.


sooey said...

You guys are going to get brain damage reading those nonsensical blogs.