Sunday, August 16, 2009

The comments, the comments, the glorious comments.

They walk among us:

Of course she will sue!! Did anyone think she wouldn't. Taxpayers have lots of money for this nonsense. She should be going after the person who called her an imposter...NOT the Canadian taxpayer.


This is exactly what I expected to happen. It was her choice to go to Kenya. Our very lax laws are costing this country (the taxpayers) a lot of money that would be better spent elsewhere.


It was her responsibility to make sure her passport photo was a reflection how how she looks before she left this country and she failed to do so...


Wow she going to sue, what a surprise.

Some advise if your picture in you passport is outdated, update your passport before you travel

But here's one of my faves:

Consular officials dropped the ball. So go ahead and Sue them. Get your coin and then watch your taxes go up. Along with that check we should send just a reminder-- there is no promises in life when you go to another country.
You are in Kenya and most problems revolved around officials that are locals hired by Canada and Kenya. It sounds like this lady pissed off someone over there or treated someone like a schmuck. There is always two sides and I do not think we heard the other side.

all in all though WE do need to get to the bottom of this just to clear things up but I am sick of Canadians who travel and think Canadian Standards and laws and customs plus our political checks and balances travel with them. They do not so deal with it. When in Rome Roman rules standards etc apply not Canadian!! If some Kenyan working for Canada applied Keyan thinking so be it!!

"... I do not think we heard the other side." Of course not. Because when every shred of the evidence points to our racist masters in Ottawa being, well, racist, then the only logical conclusion is that there's other information that they can't share with us that would justify their actions. There must be something they haven't told us that would defend their vile bigotry and callous indifference. And it's just a darned shame we'll never know what it is. Probably a privacy law issue or something. That must be it.

Oh, and there's this one, from commenter "David James":

Tough luck lady. How is your pathetic problem now our problem? This crap has got to end and, unfortunately, it won't until we end this dual citizen nonsense and teach these people to behave when abroad.

That would be this David James. He might not stand out in a crowd. At least, not until his hood and robes are back from the cleaners.

THE IGNORANCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS: Against my better judgment, I continued to peruse the comments and ran across "JackKerouac," who spewed thusly:

that Kenyan should be thanking her lucky stars she is a citizen of this great country; but as far as I'm concerned, she should of stayed in Africa. Too many left-leaning wimps seem to enjoy publically masterbating to being so nice and tolerant. Such sentiment is really an expression of people who do not like themselves on the one had, and two, are forced to live in their lonely jail of self-hatred because no one else likes them either. This is what the far-left consists of: seeking out to immigrants that have completley different values than traditional canadians--and yes, there is such a thing--because traditional Canadians don't like them. There is great vengence under their pseudo humanitarianism. But I like myself, and don't need to appear to be a humanitarian to make myself feel good about myself; as far as I'm concerned humanitarianism is just another veil of weak individuals that deep down hate themselves and their fellow country men. Ruining this country won't make you feel good about yourselves, however, it may make your vengence against Canadian society to be satisfied. The Liberal Media can go to hell.

Someone should educate "Jack" to the fact that Mohamud is not Kenyan, she's a native Somalian. Sadly, being horrifically ignorant about the most basic facts has never stopped Canada's idiots from opining stupidly and at length. It's kind of a lifestyle choice for them.


Lindsay Stewart said...

jack kerouac? i guess that explains the stream of semi-consciousness.

sooey said...

Funny, they're the ones lacking Canadian values. She's a real Canadian. I mean, I'm fifth generation and if I got in trouble abroad, the first thing I'd expect is for my government to come to my aid.

Backseat Blogger said...

just as those comments are wrong and ill informed, so is your take and the comments endorsing racism being at the root of this story.

Wrong. CC, you seem to be a fan of facts. So try a few on a see if they fit.

A lady is refused boarding for a flight home(the why is not relevent. We're looking at the actions of the Commission's staff.)

She goes to the local High Commissioner for help with the problem. The High Commission is located in a capital where there is apparently a high incidence of passport fraud. The bureaucrats do their job. In reading Dr Dawg's blog, in addition to examining her passport photo, they also interviewed her several times. Each time she failed the interview.) At that point her passport was voided and she was turned over to Kenyan authorities on charges of fraud.

Where is the racism? Are you saying that Canadian bureaucrats are racist? Are you saying that the Canadian government is racist? (How can you at this stage? It is doubtful that the case has progressed beyond the local High Commission)

Are you saying that those evil Tories ordered local diplomats to implement a racist decision? If so, where's the proof? I certainly don't see any 'sources' or 'leaks' to that effect from Nairobi complaining that local bureaucrats were ordered to do something so manifestly wrong.

As to the rest of the story, we'll see. To me it looks like politicians backing up the decisions of their staff. Whether those decisions were right or wrong is yet to be determined by the armchair quarterbacks here at home.

It will be interesting is see if Ms Mohamud does sue. I'd love to see the how the story plays out in open court in all its gory detail.