Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's all about the weaselitude.

Shorter Blogging Tories Cowardly Moderators: "The fact that Stephen Harper once explicitly promised to not appoint unelected Senators, then proceeded to do exactly that by the truckload, can be defended easily once you give us an hour or two to come up with a desperate and lameass justification which ... which ... bunch of stupid leftards, HAHAHAHAHA, CC-bots!!"

Did I get that about right?

SHORTER STEPHEN HARPER: "I had no choice." That sounds vaguely familiar ... oh, right.

I'm guessing this is all a matter of context.


deBeauxOs said...

The ability to produce convoluted rationalizations of such dumbfuckitude could be an accomplishment that the Cruxifixtrix could post.

Political auto-fellatio – training a number of Con sycophants at the Manning Centre for Building Democracy in the art of sucking, sucking up and not spitting.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Having the ethics of a herd of pocket Machiavellis, all drunk on spoo... the blogging apologists stride forth. And like towering babies they let out a mighty whine.

They stand before the people and squeeze and squeeze until their Manning Institute monogrammed diapers are full to overflowing with the logic they draw intellectual sustenance from. With the generosity of their kind they scoop it out by the handful and offer to share. They cannot understand why others will not join them in their feast. It all makes perfect sense once the brain stem is severed from all of those cortexes and pesky grey matter.

Don't you see, we made them do it. Because it was so unfair. Because we would not let them remake the nation in their own image, with their mandate and minority. We made them do it because of shut up. And they will hate us the more for making them be exactly the barren swine that they always were.

sooey said...

Why would anybody anywhere cheer on a bunch more partisan ideologues bellying up to the public trough?

Ti-Guy said...

I can just see it. I'm in my 80's, dribbling into a diaper that my nurse should have changed hours ago, watching Senator Stephen Taylor on CPAC defending the government's dismantling of public heath care and education.

Mike said...

I thought of The Chin giving it to Turner and how it pretty much gave him the biggest majority in Canadian history.

You think Iggy is smart enough to do the same thing?

No, I don't think so either...

wv wallsilo..shouldn't this have been on the story above this one, about Palin?

sooey said...

Canadians have become so greedy and stupid they are quite likely to re-elect Stephen Harper.

The Artful Nudger said...

@sooey - Much as he might like us to think otherwise, we don't elect "Stephen Harper", or "Michael Ignatieff", or "Jack Layton". We elect the Conservatives, or the Liberals, or the NDP.

I realize we're on the same team here - but don't give in to would-be President Harper's worldview.