Friday, August 14, 2009

OHMIGOD ... a brown Canadian in trouble!

We have to do something! But here's the best part:

Mac Says:

I’m with Jack on this one… This provides a really good example of how screwed up the legacy legislation left to us by the Liberals truly is and how important it is to fix the laws.

In the meantime, the Harper-haters will throw their usual hissy fits and predictable accusations.

Is that awesome or what?

BONUS DUMBFUCKITUDE: You have to love how "Jack" assigns blame:

It’s clear to me (I’ve been watching this situation although I’ve said nothing so far) that this all goes to Canada’s immigration policies. It’s a mess and needs to be cleaned up because much like the US health situation NOBODY understands the legislation we have in place never mind how to go about enforcing it.

Of course, it's not entirely clear how Canada's immigration policies should apply to someone who is already a Canadian citizen, but I'm sure that niggling inconsistency won't get in the way of a good rant.

Join Jack tomorrow when he blames the current isotope shortage crisis on Pierre Trudeau. Or aboriginals.


Sparky said...

"I’ve been watching this situation although I’ve said nothing so far"
I've been watching one of my fellow Canadians in touble but didn't lift a finger to help until I noticed that very full bandwagon passing by and then I thought I'd jump on so I didn't look like I was doing nothing. Ain't I great? Lookit me! I did something!!

Renee said...

Hah! Trudeau wasn't even a real Canadian, he was born in Hawaii. Or Kenya. Possibly both.