Friday, August 28, 2009

Educating the uneducatable.

The Blogging Tory weaselitude is adorable:

Never is a long time. It’s this infinite span of time that is thrown at Prime Minister Harper as he appoints senators for the second time. As in “he said he would never appoint un-elected senators”.

Although I can’t recall the PM saying those exact words, ...

Really? Here, let me help:

"A conservative government will not appoint to the senate anyone who does not have a mandate from the people."

"Stephen Harper will cease patronage appointments to the Senate. Only candidates elected by the people will be named to the Upper House."

No, no, don't thank me. Here at CC HQ, assisting the mentally handicapped is what we're all about.

BONUS TRACK: Apparently, in BTville, four years qualifies as "infinite." That might be true if you're, say, eight years old.

Wait ... that explains so much.


sooey said...

This reminds of when the Reformers were all going to opt out of the pension plan.

The lying part reminds me, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I guess the use of "Google" is too advanced for all BTs....

Jon Pertwee said...

Google? I've been explaining Yahoo to a conservative I know since 1995. Telling him about Google would just make life more confusing for him.

liberal supporter said...

Is our new Senator illiterate in both official languages?

Didn't Caligula try to appoint his horse to the Senate? I see where Steve gets his ideas now. I'm sure with a majority, the Harper deification would follow.

Anonymous said...

The mental gyrations of the Harperjugend are enough to power the energy needs of the City of Winnipeg, according to my calculations.