Thursday, August 27, 2009

Speaking of dead Kennedys ...

... you might admire someone, but there's still something utterly unforgivable about killing somebody through your own utter and wanton recklessness.

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bocanut said...

To drunkenly stumble away from an accident and leave another human being to die without even picking up a phone for help takes a certain kind of sleazy scumbag.

deBeauxOs said...

To willfully stray away from a marriage and leave your wife who supported you through graduate school and several political campaigns - to die alone - takes a certain kind of sleazy scumbag.

Newt Gingrich!

Sparky said...

wow boca--'your side did it too' is so... what's the concept... 5th grade.
cc's point for you and the other obtuse people is that 'conservatives' (or what's left of 'em anyway) in the states are all over the blogs at the moment villifying Kennedy for what happened that night before his body's even cold.
Oh wait--what you just did.
Let's just conveniently ignore that Kennedy, since 1962, has pushed through more legislation helping the 'little guy', such as minimum wage hikes and better medicare for seniors.
These yippy people, and i'll include you in this 'cause you did exactly the same thing, conveniently forgot that everyone has their past transgressions, as cc rightly pointed out. To yip about Kennedy's transgression and forget about your own guys is the epitome of hypocrisy.
No one is belittling Kennedy's transgression, but you guys sure as hell are belittling and/or outright ignoring his accomplishments.
Jackasses all.

Sparky said...

boca--put a sock in it--

The minute you post something this truthful--encompassing the bad as well as the good regarding GWB or 'Saint Ronnie', then you'll have something meaningful to say. Until then, quit yer yipping.