Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now I'm just creeped out.

Just how frightened does this make you?

That woman has to be a parody. There is no way a human being could be that ignorant and evil.

Oh, wait, I forgot about Kathy Shaidle. Never mind. Carry on.

BY THE WAY, that would be this Glenn Beck.

RUH ROH ... Apparently, sane people are getting tired of Beck's shtick. This is, of course, nothing less than a vicious attack on Beck's right to free speech. Or something.


Southern Quebec said...

"I highly recommend it to all Canadians and all lovers of free speech!"

This is 'Hunter', who moderates comments on her blog.

It's a real toss up between Dodo and Hunter for stupidest Blogging Tory. (For a while I also thought that Hunter was a parody. Sadly, no...)

deBeauxOs said...

Soon Stephen Colbert will run out of parody material because rightwingnutter religious zealot conservative batshit crazies are becoming more and more surrealist parodies of themselves.

Southern Quebec said...

Will Glenn Beck be the first victim of the War on Stupid?

Frank Frink said...

SQ, in addition to Hunter and Dodo let us also not forget the mudfortunate Dr. Roy.

Mike said...

To be fair, the first part of Glenn Beck's book is quite brilliant...of course, I refer to the part written in 1775 by Thomas Paine - Beck is otherwise insane and seems to enjoy trying to pass off the works of Paine as his own.