Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Oh, dear.

: The Prime Minister's Office suggests that this might be a teaching moment:

The Prime Minister's Office was apologetic, calling the gaffe a human error that might teach Canadians an important lesson about spelling mistakes.

Or it might teach Canadians an important lesson about how little this party gives a crap about Canada's Arctic, to the point where they can't be bothered to check their spelling.

I'm just saying that's another possible lesson.

P.S. I'm guessing that there will be a deadly silence from Canada's Blogging Tories on this fiasco, which would have made for endless howling entertainment if the Liberals had done it.

But that's just a guess.


Southern Quebec said...'s just fer yer intellecchewals...
*sigh* Another accomplishment!

Balbulican said...

Much as I hate turning down opportunities to laugh at Harper, I've seen this happen zillions of times. Someone at the very last minute sees a "q" without a "u" after it, and edits, patting themselves smugly on the back for having caught that one.

Not nearly as bad as the ADM of Indian Affairs who tried to explain to us that Innu and Inuit were actually the same. Ahem.

CC said...

Yes, Balby, normally this would be worth just a snicker, except for the fact that Harper is currently yapping on endlessly about the importance of Canada's north and, if one of the other parties had done it, the hysterical shrieking from Canada's wingnuts would have been deafening.

As it is, we can all wait for the "Man, talk about desperate, complaining about a typo" laments from said wingnuts, downplaying the entire thing.

Balbulican said...

Fortunately, of course, we're bigger than that. :)

liberal supporter said...

I think Iqualuit is an appropriate name for the BTs "the people with unwiped bums".

Ti-Guy said...

Accomplishmentalicious? Accomplishfreude?

Anonymous said...

The People of the Unkempt Anus singing "do you like to poo alot?"


By the force of the SKIDMARK HA!

ricky said...

I expect they won't make this mistake again, that is if Iggy will pull the plug on Harper before next spring

Gene Rayburn said...

If they do repeat it they can site this bang up defense from Soudas.

Anonymous said...

No mistake by the PMO was made.

Iqaluit becomes full of Iqualuit when Stephen Harper and his handlers visit.