Monday, August 31, 2009

A New Internet Tradition

I decided to take a snoop for the origins of the insane screed that I mentioned below. So I grabbed a paragraph and Googled. Sweet leaping crazy heads Bob. The quote netted me 188 hits. Funny thing is that while it caught the quote exactly, including typos, thus suggesting a cut & paste eater at work, as I visited a bunch of the sites there were differences in most of the diatribes. This nut bucket is adding and adding to this crazy shite, some angrier and more profane others mired in labyrinthine pseudo-theology. Most of the instances are credited to Anonymous but some of the comments appear authored by different puppets of sock. Most common was "Mean Aliens Suck". The angriest was posted under the monicker "STFU God". Other names so far include, "The Meaning of Life" and "Too Lucky to be Losers". I'll be curious to see how far this madness extends as I think there might just be an massive medication deficit occurring somewhere and this show looks like a meltdown in progress. Here's hoping this person doesn't have access to sharp objects or matches.


KEvron said...

heh. i just noticed this post, but not until i'd ggogled the screed in question, the results of which led me to think to myself "and here, i thought i was familiar with all inter traditions".

it is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE for me to be fresh on this interthingy anymore....


KEvron said...

oh, and the earliest use i could find was may, '05.