Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Mohamud meme picks up steam.

Hey, kids, remember who predicted this?

... let's all start watching for the newest talking point from the Canadian Idiot-sphere -- that Mohamud's passport photo DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HER!! Originally, it was just that her lips didn't seem to match, an accusation that has (as you can read above) slowly morphed into IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HER!! Possibly AT ALL!! Not even A LITTLE BIT!!!!!!

And here's commenter "Joe" over at the fraud known as "Raphael Alexander"s blog:

A person presents herself with a Canadian passport c/w a picture that does not resemble the holder of the passport.

Stupid or dishonest? You make the call. Man, I love being right about everything.


Ti-Guy said...

Stupid or dishonest?

Neither. Irrational.

Mike said...

Willfully ignorant, I say. I'm not sure whether that qualifies as mostly stupid or mostly dishonest.