Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rush Can Hand It Out But Can't Take It

In recent weeks, self impressed pig-people like Rush Limbaugh have encouraged the basest of the base in their audiences to do their worst. Town hall meetings held by democratic members of the house and senate have turned into events worthy of dust bowl carnies. That is, with the glaring exception that the raving, damaged geeks have been in the audience not in the tents. People arrive hours in advance of appearances by the president with weapons strapped to their bodies carrying signs making barely veiled threats against their elected head of state. In the absence of a coherent argument, the distortions, lies and lunacy have been ramped up to make productive, street level democracy impossible. It is a spectacle to be sure, a spectacle unworthy of a modern nation, unworthy of a nation that claims greatness. It is perhaps telling that this new political power, the braying voice of the idiot, is finding its moral leadership in a morbidly obese, junkie, sex tourist.

It is interesting to see the tables turned when a younger Limbaugh comes into contact with the people whose lives and views he disrespects. He waddles onto the stage, before a live audience prepared to mock, demean and abuse his usual targets. He begins his portly whining with the wind up to a piece decrying feminists for defending the right of women to choose by staging boycotts. What follows gives one to understand exactly why the bloated creep has retreated to the insular confines of his radio booth, where he never has to hear the actual voice of the people, where he is safe from disagreement and where he is free to groom his lies and hates to their full atrocity. It is instructive that he plays at being wounded but noble at the end of this. Listen as he makes a clear argument against all of the disruption and rudeness that he now embraces and encourages.


Mike said...

What a fat fucking coward.

He needs more Viagra and ticket to the Dominican to relax. Goddamn pervert.

Robert McClelland said...

Democrats should start showing up at protests where Limblob works armed and carrying signs with thinly veiled threats advocating violence against propagandists.

Ti-Guy said...

and carrying signs with thinly veiled threats advocating violence against propagandists.

No, no, no. Peaceful and democratic deliberation is what made America great!

Honestly, what's the point of living in the most brutal and violent Western nation in the World if you can't use it to your own advantage sometimes?

Romantic Heretic said...

All bullies are like that. They only fight when the only damage they suffer will be to their knuckles.

CC said...

That characterization applies perfectly to the blogger known as "Raphael Alexander," who previously was positively gleeful about my outing once upon a time but when I suggested it would be fun to track him down and post his identity and personal information on the Intertoobz, he went absolutely batshit fucking crazy with rage.

Lot of that going around these days.

sooey said...

He's probably brain damaged from all the hillbilly heroin and has no idea what he says from one day to the next.

KEvron said...

in mimbaugh's defense, he never did meet a potato he didn't like.