Friday, August 21, 2009

What Paul said.

Indeed. Progressives everywhere went to the mats for Obama and, in return, they got thoroughly hosed. I suspect it's going to be a while before those same progressives are willing to invest that kind of emotion again.


stone1343 said...

Not disagreeing with you, but we have to remember how much worse it would've been if he lost.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm wondering just how long it will tak Andrew Coyne and all the others who've been rolling their eyes since last summer about "Hope and Change" to start scolding Canadians with "I told you so!"

bocanut said...

Does the term "useful idiots" apply to these so-called progressives yet?

Lindsay Stewart said...

boca, you just get on back in your corner with your sarah palin action figure and hush now.

Ti-Guy said...

Does the term "useful idiots" apply to these so-called progressives yet?

Fuck off, bitch.

Niles said...

I have to agree with the -look what they were voting against- sentiment.

It was a Not Another Republican vote. The fact there were actual Democrat candidateS to vote *for* was gravy.

And there's far more chance that the electorate can get a Democrat president to listen to them then the last eight years proved. That emotional investment needs to be UPPED, not lowered. Only people realizing they made a difference, however small, and getting out and finding good candidates at all levels and putting them in governance will turn anything around.

That goes for up here too. Sure, be wary of those who get the brass ring and push them hard, but don't let it send you back to the couch. The only ones who win that way are the bullies who get into the pulpit.

vw: lousers. There's one for the CC team to use. Now that's evocative.

Ti-Guy said...

Naomi Klein was an early skeptic of hope and change and boy, was that poorly-received by American progressives.

Will they ever learn?

Lindsay Stewart said...

um, niles, there's an enormous gulf between listening and doing. sure, the americans had a pretty easy choice, yet between polished mediocrity and batfuck lunacy, nearly half of the silly twats still voted for the batfuck ticket. as for the polished mediocrities, well they are listening, i'll give 'em that. they're listening to the blue dogs and the red state bastards. just as impeachment was off the table in a majority democratic congress, so is basic rule of law stuff with a democratic executive and majorities in both houses.

habeas corpus, the very basis of the rule of law post magna carta, still fucked a la cheney. gitmo still up and running. investigations and prosecutions for high crimes & misdemeanors, war crimes and crimes against humanity... not so much. health care, just enjoy the whittling away of the platitudes until it is revealed that the voices of insurance lobbyists are still the ones being heard inside the beltway.

you can invest emotions until you start peeing rainbows and it won't matter a fuck. until there is a legitimate fear that the sane people, who we presume still populate some areas of the continental united states, might be willing to kick some fucking asses the pols won't shift from their grafting ways. to believe otherwise is simply daft.

sooey said...

I think progressives underestimated Obama's ego, intelligence and ambivalence about his country. They wanted to be played and he wanted to be President - for all the right reasons. He's smart and practical. Progressives wanted Fabulous - and a completely different country than the one they're living in - overnight. I agree with him more as President than I did when he was The One. He's a relief, quite frankly, because so not crazy.