Monday, August 17, 2009

The Civility of the Right.

Take two.


Rev.Paperboy said...

The Secret Service must be having kittens the size of bengal tigers about now.
These kinds of blatant intimidation tactics must be stopped.

Unknown said...

You got the mic right in the dude's mouth, and you can't get a clear recording of what he said? WTF! You gotta get better mics.

syncrodox said...


Are you kidding? Did you even watch all of that?

The dude packing the assault rifle is standing amongst Obama supporters. The reporter refers to another man (unlike the one on the vid) who apparently is packing also. Of course there is no video of the other man.

It would seem that you posted a video of a black man in Phoenix, standing amongst O supporters, with an assault rifle on his back, whilst two dufus reporters speculated about another man....unlike the one depicted, who had the same badass gun.

Do you wonder where the rest of your brain went? Ever?


CC said...

Unsurprisingly, Stinkro is once again too stupid to note who actually wrote the post.

Quelle surprise.

syncrodox said...


I apologize and stand corrected. That said...would you care to comment on the validity of Lulu's headline and the content of the video?


syncrodox said...


I guess lefty snark is such a busy occupation that nobody is capable of defending a fabricated slag of the right eh?

Sad that.


LuLu said...

Dear Syncro:


Snarkaliciously yours,