Monday, August 31, 2009

And he's brown, too. That makes a difference.

Shorter "Raphael Alexander": "The phrase 'child soldier' means whatever I want it to mean. And that whole 'due process, speedy trial, innocent until proven guilty' thing? Pretty much only for us white folks."

P.S.: Dawg barks.


Anonymous said...

Defending the rule of law is well and good, but it was meant to be applied to people of the state, not enemies in a land sworn to destroy us.
(comment from raph-hole)

These people are scary and dangerous.

Jon Pertwee said...

From the comments, SassyLassie's response to having one of her "all real Canadians" comments disproven:

"YY from my perspective it's basically forty people who use different monikers who troll the net some defend him others use organized talking points"

They're as nuts as birthers when it comes to this. So there you go. All of us are apparently just forty people using different monikers.

thebanana said...

37 of them are me, so the actual numbner is much lower.

Ti-Guy said...

Gah. The National Post rag features cretinous blogger Raphael Alexander whose writing attracts criminally ignorant responses from right wing primitives.

It's a Conspiracy of Stupid.