Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lies my prime minister told me.

Stephen Harper is a lying sack of crap. Now you know where the Blogging Tories learned it.

P.S. Should we take bets on how quickly this becomes a "Harper Government Accomplishment?"

P.P.S. Oh, for fuck's sake. I really should have checked first.

BOMUS SNARK: CTV identified the pathetic douchebaggery in the opening paragraph:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has railed against the Senate and championed a plan to make it an elected body, is about to appoint some of his closest Conservative insiders to the Red Chamber, as well as former NHL coach Jacques Demers.

I might have led off differently:

Stephen Harper, whose promise to not appoint anyone to the Senate meant as much as his promise to hold elections on predictable, fixed dates, lied again.

I like my version. It's punchier.


Anonymous said...


It has come to the attention of our Supreme Leader that our online activists have been flooding two contradictory talking points on comment sections.

1) Harper is ending the practice of stacking the Senate with Apparatchiks by stacking the Senate with Apparatchiks.

2) The corrupt and undemocratic Liberals did it, so Harper can do it as well.

Please stick to one of the above talking points. Failure to adhere may result in a deduction for this month's salary.

Thank you.

Joe Bloggins
Chief of Internet Affairs
CPC Propaganda Department

Ti-Guy said...

Is she really that dishonest, or just stupid? Stacking the Senate won't do anything for real reform, because that requires opening the Constitution. And no level of senatorial croniness can make that happen.

Jesus mother-fucking Christ, Sandy. Pick a story and stick with it. Now that would be an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...


KEvron said...

oceana has always been at war with eurasia....


KEvron said...

er, "oceania"....


thebanana said...

Didn't he also promise to fix elections, or did I get that wrong too?

Unknown said...

Doc Cynic:

The Cons are stacking the Senate with chicks? I can support that!

crf said...

Jacques Demers? Who admitted hiding his illiteracy for years. I'm sure he is a fine person, but being well educated let alone at least literate ought to be a gimme qualification for the Senate.

Harper is playing a big joke upon all Canadians, let alone his "base".

pierre poutine said...

Who needs senate reform when you can have a Reform senate?

thebanana said...

@ craig...that's good! I'm defintely stealing it :)

Unknown said...