Monday, August 31, 2009

There are no words.

Blogging Tory Jabba the Roy stuns me into speechlessness:


Southern Quebec said...

Jabba, agreeing with Cheney, with a link to DoDo. PERFECT!!!!

Dr.Dawg said...

Someone's won the moron trifecta.

Damn, that sounds bitter. Sorry--Twatrick and Ruffles have exhausted my fellow-feeling today.

Ti-Guy said...

In other words:

"Here's a discussion of the contents of by lower gastro-intestinal tract. See the unflushed toilet for more information."

sooey said...

Well, if you don't count 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, domestic violence, the housing market collapse, the financial industry implosion, the economic meltdown - I guess Bush and Cheney weren't entirely murderous and thieving.

Although Cheney did shoot an old man in the face.

liberal supporter said...

They're ramping up the rhetoric, since they'd really hate to see Obama go longer from Inauguration without a terrorist attack than Bush did. I recall about now we were still hearing about how Bush is "growing into the job".