Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a mystery.

Shorter Blogging Tory JR: "It's absolutely beyond me to imagine how we can avoid getting ripped off by these money-grubbing, opportunistic immigrants. I mean, really, is there any conceivable way we could have prevented this? Seriously."

Canada's Blogging Tories and their commenters: Because accountability and personal responsibility is always for other people.

: A couple more observations about the dining room table demographic. Note how JR is already into the historical revisionism:

Suaad Hagi Mohamud, stranded in Kenya because of questions about her Canadian identity, is suing:

Someone should educate JR that Mohamud wasn't simply "stranded" in Kenya. This wasn't simply a case of negligent indifference -- it was a case of the Canadian consulate in Kenya explicitly rejecting her claim of identity, voiding her passport and handing her over to the Kenyan authorities for prosecution. So JR is, unsurprisingly, a useless liar but I'm guessing he's not the first and he won't be the last. It's the new idiot talking point.

And speaking of talking points, consider commenter "Wilson":

She didn't look like her passport picture ... She didn't look like her passport picture.

Really? And who might have predicted that ugly bit of revisionism? Who indeed?

... let's all start watching for the newest talking point from the Canadian Idiot-sphere -- that Mohamud's passport photo DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HER!! Originally, it was just that her lips didn't seem to match, an accusation that has (as you can read above) slowly morphed into IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HER!! Possibly AT ALL!! Not even A LITTLE BIT!!!!!!

It's awesome being right about everything.

JUST TO DRIVE IT HOME, let's make sure we all understand what this entire case was based on (emphasis nad-whappingly added):

Mohamud, who was born in Somalia, travelled to Kenya on April 30 to visit her mother, leaving her son, 12, in the care of a friend in Toronto.

She was stopped from leaving by Kenyan immigration officials, who said that although Mohamud had the same facial features as the passport photograph, her lips were different.

Read that again to make sure you understand it -- the Kenyans admitted that she resembled her passport photo, except for her lips. So anyone who continues to suggest that Mohamud was detained because she didn't look like her picture is either stupid, ignorant or lying. Or, like JR, possibly all of the above. You can't rule that out.


Ti-Guy said...

"Shorter Blogging Tory JR:"

Stopped reading there.

Mike said...

stupid, ignorant or lying?

I'd say dishonesty plays the biggest part.

Ti-Guy said...

I just get really creeped out by that blogger. Neo and JR...*shudder*