Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dear Shona: No one cares what you "believe."

Canada's most recent useful idiot and pathological liar is shocked -- shocked, I say! -- that folks are pissed about her rancid dishonesty:

Medicare naysayer famous in U.S. but blasted as traitor back home

South of the border, she's become the poster girl for privatized health care and a familiar face on television. But here in Canada, Shona Holmes of Waterdown, Ont., has become vilified as a traitor who sold out her country to endorse a broken health-care system.

Well, that's what happens when you're a lying hack, Shona. Accountability, personal responsibility and all that stuff. People get pissed. But then the weirdness begins (emphasis tail-waggingly added:

"There's been death threats on me ... it's just been awful, absolutely awful," Ms. Holmes said in an interview yesterday, breaking down several times in tears. "It's just absolutely asinine that somebody could speak out about their beliefs and be lynched."

Wait ... huh ... what? Could speak out about their "beliefs?" Shona, honey, sweetie ... you worthless hack ... no one is spanking you simply because of your "beliefs." We're not discussing whether you think a biscuit has magical, mystical properties or something like that. We're talking about specific and explicit claims that you made about your medical condition. Claims that fell apart almost immediately upon investigation.

What you believe, Shona, is not the issue here. What you claim, and what the evidence supports, is the issue. And by all accounts, you're a useless liar, Shona. So let's not start playing word games, shall we? You made the claims; you should stand by them or retract them and stop your pathetic whining.

P.S. By the way, Shona, what's happening to you is not "lynching." This is lynching:

So howzabout you not get quite so martyry on all of us? That's a good girl.

: Holmes' wretched dishonesty is on spectacular display here:

"My life has been turned upside down over this," she said. "I'm terribly hurt. ... But quite honestly I'm quite offended that people are so cold and callous to sick people."

Sick people don't bother us, Shona. Liars bother us. See if you can keep that difference in mind, m'kay?

: Via ACR, we have:

After trying unsuccessfully to expedite the process, she was diagnosed and treated at the Mayo Clinic. Holmes said U.S. doctors considered the cyst a tumour, and that it would cause death if not removed immediately.

But neurosurgeon Michael Schwartz of Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital says he's never seen or heard of a death from a Rathke's cyst. He told CBC News symptoms can be alleviated if the cyst is drained or part of it removed to take pressure off the optic nerve. "Then the person's vision almost always improves.

"If somebody called me about a patient that was losing her vision or had a structural abnormality of the brain I would see them within days."

At this point, we can safely say that someone is lying and, given that Holmes' credibility is swirling around the bowl, I'm going to put my money on the other guy.

HOW ... ODD. Curiously, despite the fact that Holmes is singing their tune, you will find virtually none of Canada's Blogging Tories leaping to her defense. You will search in vain over at Stephen Taylor's House of Dumbth for anyone scrambling to defend Holmes' honour, probably because even those intellectual twatwffles have the brain cells to recognize a con game when they see it.

In fact, if you search the Canadian Dumbass-o-sphere, you will find almost no one in Holmes' corner, dumb enough to take her word for everything, except for ... well, let's not name any names. The mullet alone should give him away.


Mike said...

Nice dissection of the liar's latest lies and whining. Just one other small thing I noticed in the Globe story's last paragraph that's another real howler: "Ms. Holmes ... said it's a misconception that Canada has a perfect health-care system."

Possibly the reporter isn't paraphrasing her accurately, but who the fuck says Canada has a perfect health-care system?

Jenn Jilks said...

There is a definite abuse of the system here. This is rotten. Her story 'Abuse of Health Care'. is criminal.