Thursday, August 13, 2009

Could Stephen Harper be a bigger liar?


Three months after a Toronto woman was detained in Kenya because officials questioned her identity, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that Ottawa is working hard to bring her home.

Mr. Harper said it's not an easy case, but added his government wants to see Suaad Hagi Mohamud return to Canada.

I'm guessing that, from Stephen Harper's point of view, this is "not an easy case" only because he's so unfamiliar with giving a crap about brown Canadians in trouble overseas. Here's a suggestion, Stephen: the more you do it, the easier it gets.

It's just a thought.

BY THE WAY, has anyone considered what would have happened if Mohamud hadn't had a son for DNA comparison purposes? What if she'd been single and childless? What then? Because if the assclowns in the Harper government take the position that it was the DNA results that clinched it for them, then they have to address what would have happened if that test couldn't have been done.

That question can't be dismissed as a "hypothetical." It's absolutely fair given the government's current position. And it should be asked. And answered.

, let me reproduce the final paragraph of the Globe article linked to above:

It wasn't until the genetic tests confirmed her identity Monday that the federal government began preparing emergency travel documents that would permit her to return to Toronto and reunite with her 12-year-old son.

So I ask once again, how in God's name could Mohamud have verified her citizenship to the current group of ugly racists running things in Ottawa if it hadn't been for the DNA confirmation? What other options were open to her?


KEvron said...

"What other options were open to her?"

she could get a whiter-sounding name....


Zorpheous said...

CC raise a very good point,...

Oemissions said...

Ask Harper, Canon et al.
Somebody, please, ask them this question!

Backseat Blogger said...

aside from the usual silly racism comments it's a good question.

dr. dawg has a post up about where the ndp is on this(nowhere!) but he quotes from one response he did get from his MP's assistant:

"Foreign Affairs and CSBA have conducted four separate investigations and she has failed each one including the visual photo matching tests, extensive interviews, etc. "

to me that indicates the potential that passport fraud may have been attempted. it does not follow that woman who failed the interviews and the woman whose DNA matched are the same woman.

in short what i'm saying is that there should no be rush to judgement. while it is quite possible that there has been a total cockup in the system, other possibilities may exist.

liberal supporter said...

it does not follow that woman who failed the interviews and the woman whose DNA matched are the same woman.
They have lots of trouble with mistaken identification over in Kenya. Isn't there a woman there who claims she saw Barrack Hussein Obama being born in Kenya?

sooey said...

Yabbut, if it's a cock-up and not racism, that means we're ALL at risk, Backseat Blogger. Better? Worse? Positively Pythoesque?

Dooshbahg Dhimvit said...
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sooey said...

That doesn't say much for the New Conservative government's competence, either. NEXT!

Metro said...

It may not be conscious racism--just inherent to the Conservative mindset--Witness the huge number of Conservative types who think this has something to do with immigration law.

The problem is optical, Backseat. Spot the differences:


How does it look when the government willingly rushes to the aid of a convicted white criminal, but ignores or actively connives in the detention of these other Canadians.