Thursday, April 24, 2008

There’s ignorant and misogynistic …

And then there’s our gal Susie ALL-CAPS. Let’s just "shorter" this steaming pile of drooling, fetus-humping, hypocritical bullshit, shall we?

Feminists are bad, bad, bad. They're soooooooooooo bad that I feel perfectly justified in comparing them to white supremacists and 18th century slave owners. Now that’s bad.

Hey SUZANNE ... I’ve got a dirty F-word for you — fuck off. Seriously. Because your blatant contempt for women who have the unmitigated gall to think for themselves makes any argument you might put forward worth exactly nothing.


Anonymous said...

Lulu, I beg your forgiveness for my trespasses. Although I've been a long time lurker (long before you came on board) and a very rare commenter, I have rarely gone to the sites linked. I was aware that CC was always on target, cause in bygone days, I did actually visit links and was appalled. PSA came on board, and I duly visited one of his links, and vowed to never again do that to myself.
Today, I visited your link. Today, I promise you, I will never again think you might be using hyperbole to make a point. Today, Lulu, I have gone from admiration to utmost respect. How can you read that drivel and remain sane?
I am a femisit of almost 60 years. I fought through the 60's and 70's for equality for all people because that is what feminism is about - equality. I read that person's diatribe and tried to comment....but I couldn't. I could not form the words to accurately describe how wrong she was, how ignorant she was, how without feminism she would not be in the position to post such complete and utter crap.
Just reading that one post of hers made me feel ill, then angry. Ignorance is one thing, I can handle that, but monomaniacal obsession is another situation altogether. She is one sick lady - not just ignorant, but sick.
Perhaps I'm showing my age, but life is just too short to waste time on reading someone who has wasted their life, and ALL CAPS qualifies.
How do you read this, day in and out? I'm in awe.
Back to lurking...carry on, you're performing a great service.

Pale said...

Shes a fucking moron.

She thinks that she must break the chains of feminism and choice and all the perks that come with that, so that she can free all us wimmen's to live as she dictates by her morally bankrupt rules. She has no values, no decency.

Gah. How does she manage to feed herself without stabbing herself with a fork?

mikmik said...

ht, you are my age. I, also, have a name so nice, I named me twice.

If you have an opinion of Suze, we will talk until we snooze, laugh like jackals.

It is difficult to put thoughts to words?

They listen here. Where you from? I am Alberta. RCC is my council. You get used to reason here, then drivel is wiped away with aplomb. I am not often here, just happened by, but you are well spoken and thoughtful.
Lurking again? Not so often, I hope. Words are often insufficient to describe the truths and depths of what we know.

Here, I learn.

Anonymous said...

Mikmik, I've been coming to this site for a long, long time. I've just not posted much before, however have garnered much enjoyment from the comments of people like Red Tory, TiGuy, yourself, @M, Liberal supporter et al. (I do miss Saundrie.)
Anyway I'm in Ontario. Come and visit. The weather is great now, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and while the stock market is relatively stable, life is good.
I'm not sure I've read enough of Suze to offer a valid opinion, yet I cannot go back and read more. I've worked my entire life to be equal. I wasn't always successful, yet I did succeed in a small way. To go to a blog and see the inane insincere drivelings of a person, who through her words spits on the efforts of my deceased mother, my sisters, and all the people (both sexes) who I have associated with over the last 50 years just raises the hair on the back of my neck.

Pale: She's sick,there can be no other explanation. It appears to be a form of narcissism - the same thing that Five Feet of Fury is suffering from. Talk big, get attention regardless of the origin, then get interviews on TV, like KKKate did during the last election. Unfortunately, they haven't yet realized that fame in Canada is entirely different than fame in the US. I hate US reality shows, however, lately I've had the terribly evil dream of putting all these people in a desert isle, ala Lord of the flies, and waiting to see which one comes out alive and immediately demands taxpayer funded services such as medical care.

Patrick Ross said...

"She's sick,there can be no other explanation."

Or, she simply disagrees with you.

My, how sick that is.

LuLu said...

Thanks for that completely useless passive-agressive piece of crap masquerading as a comment, Patsy. Now why don't you be good twatwaffle and fuck off, hmmmm?

Ti-Guy said...

Or, she simply disagrees with you.

Or she's actually a defrocked priest masquerading as a woman.

And Twatsy's a quantity of sourdough mother that has somehow learned to type.

sharonapple88 said...

She danced around the central point of the piece--how anti-abortionists dance around whether women are incidental to the process. Because there are times women are treated like that when it comes to pregnancy--an example is the law in Nicaragua which bans all abortions, even when the life of the mother is at stake (thanks jj for that article).

Pale said...

LOL. One comment there missed a few things....

Or, she simply disagrees with you.... and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't want to live by her personal choices and hypocrisy, and why everyone is fighting doing as THEY ARE TOLD.

There. better.

Patrick Ross said...

Interesting, Pale. I suppose you think it would be better for everyone to live by your personal choices and hypocrisy.

LuLu said...

Patrick Ross said ... nothing of actual worth to the discussion