Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh, for fuck sakes, Sandy!

And just like the latest outbreak of cold sores, we have Blogging Tory Sandy once again disinterring the moldering remains of that hopelessly deceptive list of CPoC "accomplishments."

Why "deceptive," you ask? Because, as we've noted before, Sandy gets to cherry-pick what she considers a big deal, then proceeds to spin wildly. For instance, here's one of Sandy's vaunted CPoC accomplishments:

Provided funds to help provinces reduce patient wait times — $612 million in new funding;

Um ... Sandy? Been there, done that. But feel free to try again.

P.S. I'm amused by this so-called "accomplishment" on Sandy's list:

Budgets for (2006), (2007), and (2008);

As Jim Bobby would say, "Whoooeeee!" Big whoop.

, let's take a look at just one of Sandy's alleged "accomplishments" to see just how dishonest a human being can be. I'm thinking of this one:

$9 million for Canada’s National Museums — capital infrastructure projects

Wow. That sure looks impressive, don't it? Until you read the fine print (emphasis added for the hard of thinking):

The government will also invest $ 9 million over two years in the renewal of four of its National Museums (The National Gallery of Canada, The Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Canadian Museum of Nature) to address operating and infrastructure pressures.

Well, how about that? It's looking good ... until one reads the very next sentence:

This investment is not new as such since it appears to come from money in the Museums envelope identified in the $ 1 billion reallocation exercise which preceded the budget.

Yeah, that kind of takes the lustre off of that, doesn't it, Sandy? And, of course, I've saved the best for last:

The cuts to the Museum Assistance Program funding and the Canadian Volunteerism Initiative, among others, show a lack of understanding of the importance of the contributions these sectors make to Canadians` quality of life.

The Museums Assistance Program (MAP) funding, which was cut by $4.6 million under the government’s pledge to find efficiency, has funded many collections and museum upgrades across Canada, including significant projects at the Royal Alberta Museum and Art Gallery of Alberta.

Yeah, it really does take some steely nerve to brag about funding museums with money already earmarked for exactly that purpose already, while quietly omitting the massive funding cut to those very same institutions. Most people might be embarrassed to be that despicably dishonest. But remember ... this is Sandy we're talking about here. Shame simply isn't part of the discussion.

Would anyone else like to play? Perhaps Dave wants to tackle the military-related items in that list. And perhaps we should start a permanent list.


Red Tory said...

It's a "labour of appreciation" according to Sandy. LOL.

Ti-Guy said...

Sandy and Jacksnewswatch...what are supposed to be correctives to the liberal media end up being propaganda outfits with all the artisanal sensibility of a roadside vendor in Bangalore.

Hmmm...maybe they should think about outsourcing?

Red Tory said...
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Red Tory said...

Let's not forget that once upon a time she mildly rebuked Peter Jackson for a scathing column he'd written about Dion. So she's "non-partisan"...