Thursday, April 24, 2008

Right-wing humour, as it were.

Apparently, impending starvation is a real knee-slapper. I guess making fun of dead Jews is old news by now.


Francis Walsingham said...

CC = Canadian Coward

liberal supporter said...

The problem with the right wing humour is they never come up with anything new. Same old insults, same old stalking horses.


mikmik said...

Fuck, is that funny!!!! I cannot believe how many children will die o starvation just to prove that food is plentiful!!!! To think, mom will walk 50 km to gather a bag of rice and then carry it (sob) to her forlorn brethren. She may bitch about janjaweed and rapes, but it is a paltry stroll and who is that bitch kidding?
She expects a fee fucking ride after being raped a few times??? She didn't bring water to her babies??? WTF is wrong with her?????

I cannot believe that in this day and age of blastocyte protection that any fetus that is produced doesn't go get the rice for the embryoes that wish to only be alive to be share being a brother or sister to ones that have been so hopelessly ignored by their mothers.

Self serving bitches. If you care about your zygotes, then you will repel the insipid freaks and ignore their insignifigant AK-47 and knife that will slash your cunt, and fucking well deliver that fucking rice, or you don't deserve to call yourself a mother.

Fuck you, Canadian tories, fuck your supposed caring of children, fuck what you preach.

Show me what is important to you, or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

900ft Jesus said...

Man, talk about faulty wiring! DNA twisted all wrong. Not only so dumb they can’t really qualify as human, but vicious. I can’t grasp life forms that actually take pleasure in the suffering of others. That lot loves it. Makes their day. They wallow in it like pigs in filth. Just when you think you’ve seen the worst they are capable of, they outdo themselves. And they always travel in packs, because 30 or 40 of them almost make up one severely brain damaged hyena with advanced rabies.

E in MD said...

CC = Canadian Coward

By Blogger Francis Walsingham, at 10:54 PM

Francis Walsinham = Douchebag with nothing to add to the conversation.