Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Because even dishonest hacks have a right to blog.

Like, say, this doofus:

First, let’s just cover some of the basics. The Tories did nothing wrong. They broke no rules. They have conducted themselves the same way all other parties do.

And your substantiation for that, apart from your adorable spittle-flecked enthusiasm, would be ... ah:

Don’t believe me? Well, maybe some of the pinkos out there will believe Robin Sears, the NDP’s national director from 1974 to 1981:

“…central parties have always transferred money to help out local candidates and they’ve always asked local candidates to help pay a share of national advertising.

“I have a hard time understanding what it is, beyond what everybody’s always done, that (the Tories) are being accused of here,” Sears said in an interview.

“To claim that national and local expenditures were always rigorously divided and it was a very clear definition of what fell into which camp, it’s just bullshit.”"

Well, that certainly convinces me and I believe we can put this whole issue to rest and ... hey ho! What's this? Let's continue on to the very next paragraph at that link, shall we?

In an odd twist, Sears has since become a spokesman for prime minister Brian Mulroney concerning the former prime minister's dealings with businessman Karlheinz Schreiber

How ... amusing. And how convenient that DBT would stop quoting precisely where he did. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. But the real entertainment starts on the very next line (emphasis added):

Sears said he's not familiar with the details of the current election spending controversy.

And who better to quote as an authority on the topic than someone who publicly admits that he's "not familiar with the details"? Isn't that just the person you want to use as corroboration?

Y'all excuse me while I wander over to Denyse O'Leary's, for the obvious increase in intellectual level.


Dr.Dawg said...

OT, but you were right about the BT search engine. It's simply disappeared. My link no longer works.

This, I think, was a shrewd move on the BT's part. Too many serious embarrassments otherwise.

harebell said...

"Working down a quote mine, quote mine, whoops.."
they are spectacular in their stupidity

Red Tory said...

What a shame. That was one of the few features on the BT site that was actually useful. As opposed to all those ridiculous pie charts, for example.