Sunday, April 27, 2008

With the Blogging Tories, actual awareness is optional.

Blogging Tory and perpetual prissy scold JoJo wants to make sure we're focusing on the right issue here:

And so we to try to "Save the planet" instead of trying to save the people on the planet. Instead of trying to be good stewards of the earth so that we can continue to sustain ourselves here, ...

I'm sorry, JoJo ... "trying to be good stewards of the earth?" It occurs to me, JoJo, that you might want to have a chat with some of the more demented of your right-wing colleagues before presuming to lecture to the rest of us on the right way to approach environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Seriously, JoJo ... you already have a rep as a complete airhead. Let's not make it any worse, shall we?

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