Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is delicious.

I love the smell of scandal in the morning — it smells like fun.

The fretting in Conservative circles Monday expanded beyond what was in the unsealed Elections Canada warrant into what new avenues into unknown controversies have been opened up by investigators.

Conservatives who have scattered from official Ottawa during what is supposed to be a break week burned up telephone lines and shared damage assessments following the raid at the party's headquarters last week.

But it gets soooooooo much better (as always, emphasis gleefully added).

One Conservative said the concern is not that Elections Canada would find evidence of anything illegal - but that it could uncover material that would embarrass the government or party. A government manual on how to obstruct parliamentary committees that caused no end of embarrassment when it was leaked to the press last year is one example of legal-but-embarrassing flotsam that can surface.

Conservative campaign boss Doug Finley has become renowned among partisans for similar hardball tactics. Conservatives now fear other plays from the Finley handbook may fall into the wrong hands. "We've done some stuff that's not really problematic, but it's not something I'd necessarily want Elections Canada or reporters getting their hands on," a government official said.

Let’s just savour that for a moment, shall we? Not really problematic. Don’t you just love the way Big Daddy and his merry band of in-and-out specialists (doesn't that sound diirrrrtttttyyyyy) parse their sentences? As more and more CPoC rocks get turned over, I think we can safely say that all kinds of fun, slimey things are going to slither out. Popcorn?


Robert said...


Mmmm, with a beer to wash it down.

Adam C said...

"don't necessarily want reporters getting their hands on" makes sense. "Elections Canada or reporters"? Is Elections Canada officially on the Enemies List now?

liberal supporter said...

Elections Canada is one of our institutions.

Therefore it is on the Enemies List, along with all of our institutions.

Frank Frink said...

The more I hear in-and-out the more I think of Alex and his merry little Droogies. Hey, wasn't one of them named 'Dim'?