Monday, April 21, 2008

The stupid always rises to the top, doesn't it?

Now, you expect overwhelming, right-wing retardedness from cementheads like the Blogging Tories' "Hunter":

Secret Meeting, With the Press?

Oh, give me a break, the Conservatives held a secret meeting with ......wait for it.........The Press! Wow, that's as secret as you can get.

Well, yes, Hunter ... it can be described as "secret" given the following bit of useful trivia (emphasis added for the terminally stupid, like Hunter):

Conservatives held secret meetings with select reporters Sunday to reveal details about why Elections Canada officers raided their Ottawa headquarters -- and to give their side of the story before court documents are released this week.

Did you catch that, Hunter? "Select reporters?" As in, the CPoC cherry-picked which members of the media were going to be gifted the right to attend. In any event, as I was saying, you expect that kind of eye-rolling stupid from people like Hunter. You don't expect it from folks like Blogging Tory co-founder and BT day care director Stephen Taylor but, what the hell, he still manages to take your breath away:

No, Carole... I really have no idea at all.

This was the CBC's chief political correspondent Keith Boag's response to CBC Sunday host Carole McNeil as to why the seasoned journalist and a select few were excluded from a Conservative media briefing on the now famous Elections Canada "visit" at a Sheraton hotel conference room this afternoon.

Read the whole thing. Then appreciate that, after this pathetic, whiny display of infantile conspiracy theory, even Stephen's commenters have finally had enough of his mindless obedience and loyalty:

Sorry, despite my committed support of the Conservative Party, this was a dumb hare-brained idea.

All it does is give the inimical members of the media even more ammunition.

Maybe greater minds that mine will see it as a great 'divide-and-conquer' tactic used on the media, but I doubt it will have that effect.

Either give the information to all or to none...


What other type of story was he supposed to file?

I mean, several hundred pages of documents alleging illegal activity on the part of the governing political party were released to the media today. That's newsworthy.

The CBC and others don't know what those documents say precisely because the Conservative Party only gave the documents to selected media outlets.

What else could a reporter in that position report on?

Nothing? If that was the hope then I've got a piece of advice for the Conservative Party: don't hold an event bound to generate a flurry of interest from journalists--not to mention, make come into work on a Sunday--and then expect them not to file a story based on whatever they've got.

Poor Stephen. Apparently, after years of trying to raise the intellectual level of the BTs, I'm guessing he's finally thrown in the towel and has figured out it's just easier to climb down into the pit and wallow with the rest of them. And you know what? He's probably right.

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That paranoid psychotic is just too disturbing to examine anymore. And she's a parent, too.