Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crooked Cons Crying

S.S. (Sniveling Stephen) Harper and his chorus of prats continue to stomp their little feet and whinge about the big, bad meanies at Elections Canada. How dare those guys try to prevent the S.S. Harper Party of God from swindling the system!

"It means that they don't have any respect for what they are, a government, and that Mr. Harper doesn't feel at ease with civil servants, with independent organisms – organizations or office, with journalists, with oppositions – in a word with democracy," said Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe of the Conservatives' vote.

The Cons had the audacity to vote against a motion of confidence in Elections Canada an impartial agency trusted throughout the world to monitor elections.

Conservative party lawyers say the party was not "advised" of the referral to the commissioner or the intention to seek a search warrant before Elections Canada "stormed into the party's office," said Poilievre.

What was once a visit now entails "storming". Maybe it is just that given the imperious behaviour of the S.S. Harper Party of God, they feared that we would be introduced to New Canada's New Government's New Slogan, Getting Things Shredded before Canadians. The lesson kids, Conservative corruption, cheating, lying and swindling is
good corruption, cheating, lying and swindling and what Liberals did two leaders and three governments ago is a permanent, indelible stain on the very heart of the party forever tied to the very definition of corruptionADSCAMADSCAMADSCAM.

S.S. Harper and his special needs caucus should try on a few of these, I'm sure Weepy Pete can hook them up with his supplier.

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E in MD said...

Are they that hungry where ever that girl is from that they have to eat toilet paper to survive?