Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day, darlings.

No doubt the drooling righttards that comprise the Blogging Tory mouthbreathing collective are doing their best to enlarge their carbon footprint today. I, on the other hand, can bask in the knowledge that I’m doing my best to make a greener world because, as my mother always says:

“We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”

Now do you really want to go up against my mama? I think not. So make sure you do your part.

LuLuSnark. Of course, KKKate only has dogs so what the fuck does she care, right? Thankfully, the average, intelligent Canadian most assuredly does not think that way.


The Seer said...

And what, exactly, is wrong with dogs?

LuLu said...

There's nothing wrong with dogs. If you'll notice my mother's quote, there's no mention of borrowing the earth from our dogs ...

And no, before someone gets on their high horse, I'm not saying that people with children are more environmentally aware than people without. Okay?

Sheena said...

If you're asking me to give up free meatballs and champagne in the Lufthansa Lounge today because of the massive chemtrail footprint I'm about to leave over the Channel, you're nuts, lady.

Earth Day. Indeed. I'll Youtube my departure from it. As usual.

leftdog said...

In Saskatchewan, to celebrate EARTH DAY our new right wing government announced the abolishment of the 'Office of Energy Conservation'!!

The Seer said...

I just figured out why Dear Leader and Big Daddy are so into NAFTA:. The clue was that Dear Leader, speaking at a press availability in New Orleans this morning, said that The Three Honchos decided to meet because

— they are neighbors,

— they are friends, and

— they share the same values.

(I tie this comment up to Earth Day in the third full paragraph.)

By way of background, the reason so many Mexicans immigrate illegally into the US is that it’s easier for an illegal immigrant to get work in the US than it is for a peon to get work in Mexico.

BUT — you can get peons who haven't illegally immigrated to the US to work in Mexico for $1.57 an hour (US) if you export American or Canadian jobs to Mexico. That’s without social insurance, workplace safety or obsessing about “environmental impact.”

You know you could never do this in the US or in Canada because of all the unions and libruls.

So — NFTA allows Americans and Canadians to share in Mexico’s competitive economy without having to pay duty on imports. The Mexicans win too! They have the same values we have, just like Dear Leader said.