Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really, really, really retarded people who should know better.

Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to:

What if?

All my sympathy goes to Brenda Martin, who has clearly been through hell and back in what appears to be a less-than-just justice system, but has anyone actually considered that she might have actually done something wrong? Do we really know?

Just sayin'.

That would be Blogging Tory and law student Adam Daifallah, openly suggesting that a total lack of evidence against Brenda Martin shouldn't keep us from rampant, unfounded speculation that she might have done something, somewhere, somehow at some point in time that would justify her incarceration.

In a sane world, that's the kind of public musing that would normally ruin a lawyer's career permanently. If only.


Red Tory said...

An excellent example of what happens when hackery trumps common sense.

LuLu said...

It wasn't all that long ago that I was accepted to law school (I never went - I'm with Shakespeare as far as lawyers are concerned) and a question like that ... well, let's just say Adam would not have lasted long with some of my pre-law profs.

Dr.Dawg said...

I guess I'm odd man out here. I speculated in a similar way, and Adam's doing this as Adam, not as an officer of the court.

Ti-Guy said...

You need to read Daffy Dumbdaifallah a lot more closely Dawg. He's of course free to speculate as Daffy and not an officer of the court, and we're free to conclude that he's an idiot...the evidence of which, over the long term and not just for specific issues, is unimpeachable.

...Jes sayin'