Sunday, April 27, 2008

I wonder what SUZANNE thinks about this …

After all, she’s alllllll about the unborn children. The fact that this has nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with equality, a mainstay of feminism, might put her tiny little fetus-obsessed brain in a bit of a bind. Let’s also be sure to remember that this was an actual live baby (perhaps a touch too brown for the average Kompassionate Konservative?) as opposed to a cluster of cells.

An "untouchable" woman who gave birth outside an Indian hospital because doctors would not treat her died Thursday, a day after her baby, officials admitted.

The newborn boy of Maya Devi, 28, died Wednesday due to lack of medical help minutes after being born outside the maternity wing of Kanpur Medical College in northern Uttar Pradesh state. Devi was only put in intensive care after giving birth but she died of a heart attack early Thursday morning.

Several doctors, including the hospital's chief medical superintendent, had refused to touch her or provide medical care as she delivered her baby, the Press Trust of India reported. Devi was a Dalit, or "untouchable", a group at the bottom of the caste social ladder who have long been ostracised and forced into menial professions despite laws banning discrimination. Many high-class Hindus fear coming into contact with them.

Dr Kiran Pandey, head of gynaecology at the hospital, told AFP she was an hour's drive away in state capital Lucknow at the time and rushed back. "We provided her the best medicines and treatment but she succumbed to two cardiac arrests," Pandey said. College principle Anand Swaroop has ordered an inquiry, as has a district magistrate.

The state's chief minister, Mayawati, who won elections last year, has ordered the doctors to be suspended and demanded an investigation.

We provided her the best medicines and treatment ... right after refusing to touch her or her baby while she was giving birth which probably had a whole fuck of a lot to do with their subsequent deaths. Pardon me while I have a hard time believing a fucking word that Dr. Pandey might say.

And Susie ALL CAP’s pro-life, god-bothering, won't someone think of the zygotes reaction? Hmmmmm. Does anyone else hear crickets?


E in MD said...

Why the outrage? We all know only Christians have an inborn right to refuse to treat people based on religious prejudice...oh.. I mean convictions.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Quick get Velacotte on the phone he'll know what to do!

Beijing York said...

If India has a similar labour protection provision as Velacotte proposes, Dr. Pandey and his staff would be protected from any repercussions since they were obviously acting on moral conviction. Ain't religion grand.